General information

Az Damiaan Oostende is a futur minded hospital, beginning on 1 Januari 1999 as a result of the merge between two general hospitals H. Hart and Sint-Jozef.

Inspired by our baseline 'Dicht bij het leven' Az Damiaan is committed to a quality health care, which is able to adapt to the rapid changes specific to this sector. Care provision can be ensured in a continuous and appropriate way for the people of Ostend and the region. This care is aimed both at infants, children, adolescents, adults and elderly.

The doctors and staff are full of praise for the architectural concepts that gives all patients a high comfort in a healing environment. The latest equipment and technology increases the patient safety. Our patients have comfortable and luminous rooms, with modern sanitary cells, wireless internet and individual flat screen televisions.

The recent construction of our new modern hospital helps us to compete with the best hospitals in the region and to be the reference center for health care in the region.

My choice to have the operation in Az Damiaan was obvious since I have good experiences here. Everyone in my family comes to this hospital, the caregivers (doctors, nurses, cleaning people) are friendly.

Siegfried Declerck, Westende.