Vision and mission

Vision Az Damiaan

Az Damiaan is the reference centre for healthcare in the coastal region.   

Mission Az Damiaan

Our vision is translated into a mission with a number of power lines. Those are the guide for the pursuit of our goal.

1. Az Damiaan is the reference centre for healthcare in the coastal region

We offer a full package of second-line healthcare. Az Damiaan chooses to give certain complete care programmes according to the real needs in the region and a responsible use of resources. We have respect for all parties involved in the continuum of care. We build strong relationships and partnership with other health care centers.

2. All activities and in particular the care are carried out with the highest possible quality

Every doctor and staff of Az Damiaan contributes to the quality of our services. We want to provide quality on domains such as patient care, infrastructure, communication and organisation. Our quality is the result of both individual and group commitment.

3. The patient is important

A simple sentence, but a strong statement. All our efforts are in the interest of the patient. The patient is our customer and our employer. We have a total approach for the need and demand for care. The needs of the patient are important whatever the religion, origin, financial capacity and in accordance with the right for privacy.

4. Our care is accessible

We inform our patient about the medical, financial and administrative aspects of his demand for care. In addition, every patient - whatever his/her financial capacity - has access to our services. Our infrastructure is adapted to the specific nature of the needs of various target groups. The care demand is answered within a reasonable time.

5. The organisation is responsible for the means at its disposal

The mission, the economic criteria and the desired quality are the criteria for investments and deployment of people and resources. There is transparancy about the use of resources.

6. The organisation is based on Christian values from the past which are completed in a contemporary way 

We recognize the pluralistic society and have respect for every human being in all its diversity. Solidarity with the weaker members of our society is a basic principle for Az Damiaan.