Admission in the hospital

Following hospitalisations are possible: 

  • day clinic: for outpatient treatment. The treatment is possible during one day (no accomdation needed). 
  • classical hospitalisation: the patient is admitted for a longer period, with a least one overnight stay.  


We offer the opportunity to register in advance - at least one day before admission. During this registration we can provide information regarding your room choice, the cost of your stay, ...

We advise you to use this pre-register, to reduce the administrative formalities on the day of admission.

Registration the day of admission

At the appointed time on your admission day, please report to the registration service on the right in the entrance hall.

Take a ticket and take a seat in the waiting room. At the screen it will appear at which booth you can sign up.

Opening hours registration service:

  • monday untill friday: 7.00 - 18.30 o'clock
  • closed during weekends and on holidays

You can reach the registration service by using this phone number: 059 41 40 30

Health Insurance fund

The hospital will inform your health Insurance fund and your family doctor of your admission. If you do not want that we inform your family doctor, please let us know in advance.

If you are admitted because of an accident, you should expressly inform your health Insurance fund. Also ask your fund about any certificates that will need to be completed at the time of your admission.