Facilities and services

Phone calls

Every room has a phone. When you register at the hospital you will be given a code (28 ...) for the phone in your room. If you change room or ward during your stay, this code will change.


WIFI is available on all the wards in the hospital. Ask the nurse for a login and password. We also have a Telenet hotspot in the hospital. Please note that we do not provide technical support.


Post is delivered daily on the nursing wards. Ask anyone writing to you to put the following information on the envelope:

    Az Damiaan

    (Your) name

    Room numbre en nursing ward

    Gouwelozestraat 100

    8400 Oostende.

You can give any letters you want to send during your stay to the nurse.


You can make an appointment at the hairdresser's salon. You will need to pay cash.


You can also ask the nurse to arrange pedicure/manicure.


The hospital has a library with a range of books, also with large font. Every week our volunteers visit each ward to distribute the books.