Choice of room

At the time of admission, you can choose between the following types of rooms:

  • a shared room  
  • a room for two people
  • a private room
  • on the maternity ward there are soms luxury rooms with terrace.

Your choice of room will be taken into account as much as possible, however you will understand that it is not always possible to comply with your wishes.

During the admission you will be informed about the costs of you stay in the hospital.

The difference in price between the room types only has to do with a greater comfort and privacy, not with the quality of treatment and care.

For stay in a private room at your own request you pay a supplement on the room. Moreover, an additional fee may be charged for the services of the doctors and paramedics. This supplement differs depending on the treatment or the operation. Part of this fee is used for investments in medical equipment and for the operating expenses of the hospital.

There is no supplement fee for stay in a double room.

For the most frequent operations we can provide you the price difference between a single or shared room.

Room ‘parent - child’

The formula 'parent - child' can be both in a double room (e.g. multiple children with their parents) or in a single room.

When you choose the formula 'parent - child' in a single room you will be charged a fee for the services of the doctors and paramedics of 100% and on all invoiced fees. There are no supplements charged for the room.