Quality policy

Kwaliteit 2

The human being is important for Az Damiaan, that is why we focus on people in the care process. 

This is the mission of the hospital and also the driving force for every doctor and employee in our hospital. We offer a top quality and safe healthcare with respect for every human being whatever the religion, origin and in accordance with the right for privacy. 

Our goal is to give you the best possible healthcare. To achieve this, we try to involve you as much as possible in the healthcare process. We try to answer your questions in an understandable and friendly way and we guarantee a smooth cooperation between your doctors. 

In order to embed a structured and professional care for quality in our daily operation, we have developed a quality policy. All facets of the healthcare processes are identified and discussed at all levels.

Continuous improvements ensure the patient safety!

Nathalie Baillieul, quality coordinator Az Damiaan

We work together with other healthcare providers - in order to provide a global quality of healthcare to the people in the region and beyond. We take into account the financial situation of the institution, the amount to be paid by the patient and the cost for the community.