Results quality checks

Since a few years there is more focus on public accountability in the healthcare sector. The demand for transparency in the quality of healthcare and access to information on the quality of hospitals - available to the general public - increases. 

Kwaliteit 3

Az Damiaan wants to help the patient in making an informed choice of healthcare provider. Therefore, we publish the results of various quality measurements. 

The quality of healthcare is measured

In Az Damiaan we use indicators to identify our quality of healthcare. The Flemisch Indicator Project voor Patients and Professionals (VIP2) measures the quality of healthcare in Flemisch general hospitals on the basis of objective standards. All results are available on www.zorgkwaliteit.be, every patient and/or professional can check and compare the details per hospital. This project is an initiative of the Flemisch government. Hospitals can also use this information internally or compare themselves, also at international level. 

The results

The hospital-wide indicators are based on elements that have an impact on the healthcare for every patient in the hospital such as hand hygiene, a correct identification of the patient and the presence of a complete drug prescription.